Mission One Teams

Misson Volunteer Program

Looking for a way to make a difference and to grow in your faith?  General Baptist International Missions provide week long mission trips to Faith Home through the MVP (Mission Volunteer Program).  Currently, teams are designated construction, ministry and medical.  Teams sizes vary between 10 to 32 people.  The cost for construction or ministry teams is approximately $1400.  Teams sleep, bathe, and eat in the team house located on the FH campus.  During the week, teams will also get opportunities to spend some time with the children, worship with the children, and interact with the missionaries.  

The typical Mission One Team schedule is:
Saturday: arrive, have orientation, tour Faith Home, and settle into the team house
Sunday: worship with other missionaries in Honduras at the International Christian Fellowship in San Pedro Sula and visit a local GB church; prepare for a week of work
Monday - Thursday: work (whatever type of team)
Tuesday evening: worship with the children of Faith Home in the chapel
Friday: Day out & finish projects and clean up
Saturday: return home 

Morning and evening devotions given by members of your team are usually a highlight of the week.

If you are interested in forming your own team or joining another team already scheduled, please contact Kris Yeomans, Mission One Team Coordinator by phone (573.785.7746; ask for General Baptist International Missions)

We hope to see you this year!
The Faith Home Missionary Team and Staff