About Faith Home

About Faith Home

Faith Home is a General Baptist ministry providing a safe and healthy place to love and raise children who were neglected, abandoned, and abused.Faith Home consists of a 24 acre campus near San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
On this campus, cottages have been constructed to provide housing for the children. Honduran Christians have been hired to live in each home and provide the day-to-day care. These houseparents, and their own children, provide the foundation for the family unit in each home.

The court system works with Faith Home to place children at Faith Home who come from situations of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Child Sponsorship Program

Our mission is simple. We share the love of Christ with children, knowing that a life touched by Jesus is never the same. ¬†We share His love by providing a safe place for the children to grow up, where they do not need to worry about being abused or abandoned, where they have plenty to eat and a safe place to sleep. Likewise, we¬†share His love by giving them a quality education. But most of all, we share His love by worshiping, teaching, and modeling God’s holy Word.

A child sponsorship is $25 a month, and it takes 18 to fully sponsor a child, for a total of $450 per month per child. Your $25 a month sponsorship helps provide shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical and legal expenses.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child at Faith Home, please contact the mission office at 573-785-7746, email, or visit our Donations page.